Strong Government, Healthy Lands

Strong, independent systems of governance that are rooted in culture are a necessary condition for the sustainable management of Indigenous lands by Indigenous Peoples. ILI supports communities as they move away from colonial models of governance and return to self-determination.

  • Destination Deline


    The Sahtúgot’ine Dene people of Deline, Northwest Territories have crafted a ground-breaking approach to nationhood. In September 2016, they became the first self-governing community in the Northwest Territories and the first in Canada to include Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents. In 2016, the Great Bear Lake Watershed was designated as a World Biosphere Reserve. ILI supported Deline in these efforts.


    Valerie Courtois


    Seven Indigenous Nations and governments came together in 2013 to create the Ungava Peninsula Caribou Aboriginal Roundtable (UPCART)—an initiative to conserve caribou in Québec and Labrador. ILI helped convene the roundtable and continues to support and advise UPCART members.

  • Dene Nahjo (CC BY-NC 2.0)

    Dene Nahjo

    A group of young, emerging Indigenous leaders in Denendeh (land of the people) is working to deliver environmental and social justice for northern communities. With guidance from elders, they encourage young people to engage in nation building and create long-term positive change in the North. ILI supports this program to promote the next generation of Indigenous government leaders.