An important way to look at conservation

For many people in the Deh Cho, conservation is a way of life. It is no secret that indigenous people have often led the way when it comes to preservation of land, water and life.

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Guardians program sees results

Stewardship initiatives from Dehcho First Nations and Lutsel K’e have already paid off for the Northwest Territories, according to a new report.

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‘Excellent results’ from N.W.T. Indigenous guardians programs

A new report says Indigenous guardians programs in the N.W.T. that use traditional knowledge to help preserve Indigenous culture and land are delivering “significant social, economic, and environmental benefits.”

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REPORT: Analysis of the Current and Future Value of Indigenous Guardian Work in Canada’s Northwest Territories

An analysis of two emerging programs in Canada’s Northwest Territories found they create about $2.50 of social, economic, cultural and environmental results for every $1 invested. With support from a national network, researchers projected the value could increase to up to $3.70 for each dollar of investment....

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OP-ED: How Indigenous Peoples can manage their own lands and communities

Canada’s shameful treatment of Indigenous people was rooted in a double abuse, of both their personal lives and their sustaining values. Now, some of the most significant reforms are being driven and led by Indigenous citizens themselves, and by a respect for their cultures and experience. A compelling example is the proposed National Indigenous Guardians Network.

(Also appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist)

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LETTER: Guardians initiative worth learning about

(Vancouver Sun) Finally, a proposal dealing with Indigenous lands, cultures and opportunities that could help create a new relationship with government and industry and create benefits that all Canadians, including B.C. First Nations, can share....

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Indigenous leaders ask for $500M from feds for guardian program

A nonprofit group, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, is asking the federal government for $500 million over five years for a new nationwide monitoring program.

The proposed national “Guardians” program would send around 1,600 First Nations people out on their traditional lands.

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Guardianship programs a good $500 million investment in reconciliation, say leaders

The Indigenous Leadership Initiative is pushing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put reconciliation into action by committing $500 million over five years to create a national network of guardian programs. The money would come on top of the $8.4 billion committed to Indigenous peoples over the next five years in the first budget delivered by the Liberal government.

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Group seeks $500M from federal Liberals to fund 1,600 ‘Guardians’ to patrol, assert aboriginal sovereignty

OTTAWA — The Trudeau government is being pushed to invest $500 million over five years on a 1,600-member national “Guardians” team to patrol, and assert aboriginal sovereignty in, the vast traditional territory of Canada’s First Nations.

Modelled in part after a land stewardship initiative by B.C.’s Haida Nation on the north coast, the initiative would help boost economies and build leadership in remote communities, members of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative said at a news conference here Monday.

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RELEASE: Indigenous Guardians Network Seeks About $500 Million Investment Over Five Years

The Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI) is asking the Federal Government to help Indigenous Nations and communities address major challenges by committing roughly $500-million over five years in a partnership to create a national network of Guardian programmes....

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